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Hello Friends!

I feel that sponsorship is more then just an ad space on someone's sidebar and more then just money exchanging hands. I believe that sponsorship should be a partnership between the two people involved. If you chose to participate in my sponsorship, we will build on a partnership, benefiting each other in the best way possible! Interested in advertising, doing a giveaway, want me to do a product review for you? Shoot me an email at jennlmcclure91@gmail.com so we can discuss terms and details!

Please note: The Diary of A Dreamer is still in it's infancy stages, but I am working on building this blog into a community, not just for me, but for people who are like me outside just normal blog routine. Part of what I love about blogging is the community, the people you meet, and the friends you make.

Guest Posting: Are you interested in sharing some original content with us? Have a favorite recipe that you're just dying to share, some geek related (like a DIY), or just something that you feel fits right in with the random mashup of my lifestyle blog? Please send me an email and let's talk about it!

Advertising: Are you geeky, a DIYer, tattoo lover, spoonie, traveler, cook/baker, or someone with similar interests as mine? Would you like a spot on my sidebar for a month's time? I know that I am just starting out, but everyone has to start somewhere!

Small: $7 - 5 spots/ month
200 X 100 ad
featured in a group sponsor post
Social media shares
Option for giveaway, interview, OR guest post

Medium: $10 - 3 spots/ month
200 X 150 add
featured in group sponsor post
social media shares
option for giveaway, interview, OR guest post

Large: $12 - 2 posts per month
300 X 100 ad at the top of sponsor space
Post dedicated to blog or business
Social media shout outs
Guest post OR giveaway

All adverts run for the course of a month and must be submitted before the last day of the month. Contract for multi-month booking. Please no animated gifs as adverts, must be static image.

Reviews: Want an honest review of your product or service? Let's talk! I do give honest reviews of products or services that I am interested in or that I think go with the style of this blog. I know that is kind of a broad scope here, but please don't be offended if I am not interested in your product or service.

I would love to partner with you, so please just get in touch with me and we can get started!

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