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14 July 2015

Find Your Voice Lesson 2

Happy Tuesday dear friends.
Yesterday was the first day of my ten day block leave.

I spent it watching tv and working on this here blog as well as my new brand!

I am still struggling with how I want to physically document my stories, so for now I think that I am going to keep the stories in my monthly plan book.


Q1: Which of your stories are most important for you to document? I am not entirely sure. I think that they are all important, because they are my story. Big things. Small things. Good things. Bad things. Travel stories, special events, ect. It kind of depends on how I am feeling and what happened.

Q2: What tangible ways are you routinely documenting your stories? I use social media, my blog my monthly plan book, pictures, and written journals to tangibly and routinely document my stories. I have a cruddy memory, so I like to do things as they happen.... to keep everything fresh.

Q3: What ways would you improve your day to day storytelling? I would like to take more photos of my every day life, not just the special events. I also need more pictures with myself in them!

Q4: In what ways would you like to improve your storytelling? What skills would you like to hone? What scares you about storytelling? To document more of my stories and more frequently. DOn't want to wait so long just because I don't have printed pictures or "enough" time to do it. I need to figure out what works best for me and do that. I also need to MAKE TIME to document my stories.

The thing that scares me is that I sometimes feel that my stories just aren't important enough to document, that people aren't really going to care enough to read my stories, or that I am just going to mess it u. I'm afraid I am going to forget the details of the stories.

Q5: Where do you draw inspiration for your own storytelling? I draw inspiration from other bloggers and creative people for my storytelling. People like Kristin, Jen, Mandy, Jenny, and other lovely ladies like them. They inspire me to TRY to document my stories because they show me that it is important to document it all.


Creative Challenge:
Document the ways you're already telling your stories.

1. Facebook: Status updates, pictures, ect.

2. Instagram: pictures with short stories

3. Blog: Stories and pictures

4. Journal:  I write it all down! Everything that I am thinking, feeling, and planning.

Let's talk about the ways in which you are documenting your story!

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