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02 March 2016

March Goals

Good Morning dearest Dreamers!

I hope this post finds you well on this Hump Day! Today I wanted to share a recap of my February Goals and then share March's goals!


Home Stuff:
* Get Set Up: So like I said here, I had a surprise for you all. Amy and I moved from our apartment to our new (to us) house! We spend the second to last week of February to move everything into the new house. For the most part we're all settled in, minus one room that needs to be finished.
* Stuff from Florida/ Cancel Storage unit: FAILED- I have yet to make it home to visit my parents and to clear out my storage unit. Mostly due to a later goal in our list!

* Paint a canvas for Memphis: FAILED- The only thing I have done towards this was to unpack all of my paints from being shipped from Germany by some of my friends. That was quite an episode... it was funny. There was so much tape!
* Attend a Wine and Paint: FAILED- Amy and I have yet to find the time or a canvas that we like that isn't on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. We'll get there eventually I believe.
* Finish my Doctor Who Cowl: FAILED- I swear I will finish this thing eventually. I worked on it for a little while, and it's almost done... but not quite yet.
* Month 2 of One Little Word: I've been keeping track of this in each month's plan book, and it's going quite well. I am proud of myself for keeping up with something this month. Haha.

* Go to the gym: IN-PROGRESS- We went to the gym for the first two weeks, but once we started moving, that kind of took over our gym time. We still got one heck of the workout though!!!
* Money in savings: I made it a point to start putting money back into my savings. I'm starting with a small increment each month until I get the finances situated, but anything is most definitely a start!
* Start paying Mom back: FAILED: During Christmas my parents gave me some money after my account was shut down. I want to pay my mother back for her help. Unfortunately I did't have a chance to give Mom back her money, but I most definitely will!
* JOB: Such a huge check, that it's astounding. As you guys saw in this post, I shared about my first week. Now, later this week, I am going to share about my first month working at the store!

So I got more stuff done this month then I thought I did. It wasn't all goal related... but I still feel quite successful in my February!

* Set up the Craft Office Spaces
* Hang up paintings
* House warming party

* Create a Blog Bujo
* Create a Photography Business Bujo
* YouTube video of my current setup
* Paint furniture

* Continue Working Out
* Pay Mom back
* Continue building my savings
* Read an actual book

Do you guys have any monthly goals you would like to share? If so, please share a link in the comments so I can go check them out!!!