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02 January 2015

Goals for 2015

It's the time of year again where people like to share their goals for the coming year, and I guess this means that I am no different. I don't do resolutions each year, I just have goals for the coming year.... or are they the same thing?

* Read more books- you can find my list of books I want to read here.

* Blog more- I want to create more blog series that are purposeful and interesting to people. I plan to share about crafting, photography, travels, and whatever else comes to mind. I have a series that I post weekly that is "I Love" Sundays (where I share things I love from the previous week). I am working on a new series each week to log my love all things geeky as well.

* Social Media- Other then blogging I want to keep up with my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and make sure that everything lines up and it all works together. I want to create more of a presence on the inter webs for myself (that sounds selfish). I want to link up with some of my blogging/crafting inspiration and make new friends from this.

* Craft projects- December Daily, my Shank Mini Album, my 2015 Special Events PL album, a Black & White album (with only Black and white images and Midnight edition PL cards). Working on a Travel Scrapbook from my adventures in Europe.

* Photography business- Client welcome packets, biz binder with client packets, client database, marketing, portfolio, just building my business up.

* Fitness Journey- I want to workout more outside of PT (since I get nothing from it). I need to go workout with my coworker MN after work and stop being lazy (although that is also the time when I can work on my craft ideas). I need to find a better balance for working out and crafting. I need to find that motivation. I also need to drink more water then soda.

What are some of your goals for this year?