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01 April 2016

April Goals

Hello dearest Dreamers! How're you?!? I hope this post finds you all well!

Today, since it's the first day of a new month, you all know what that means. Time to review my progress on last month's goals and tell you about this month's goals!


* Set up the Craft Office Spaces: COMPLETE- The space is complete, we're just adding things in as we go. We still need at least one more desk and maybe another bookshelf, but overall, we think it's done!
* Hang up paintings: COMPLETE- We've set hung all the paintings throughout the lower level of the house that we planned on. We hung up some collages of Mem and his step-siblings, my plaque from Germany, a couple of pictures that I took, as well as my retirement certificate. There is a post planned for this month to show you guys what we did.
* House warming party: COMPLETE- You can read more about our housewarming party in this post if you missed it. We had fun! It went off well, and to top it all off, we got a lot of last minute house stuff done that day before the party!

Create a Blog Bujo: IN-PROGRESS - I have the book, just haven't done much in the way of working in it, other then writing out some post ideas.
* Create a Photography Business Bujo: IN-PROGRESS - see previous statement about the blog bujo
* YouTube video of my current setup: FAIL- I haven't had the time to get my video stuff set up to make the video of my current setup.
* Paint furniture: COMPLETE - We did all of this the day of the housewarming party!

* Continue Working Out: FAIL
* Pay Mom back: FAIL
* Continue building my savings: FAIL
* Read an actual book: FAIL


* Finish room: I have some pictures and posters I want to hang up finally.
* Viewing Area: I am wanting to set up a viewing area in our craft spaces so I can show people their photos.
* Blog Posts about rooms: I wanna do at least a blog post about the craft spaces and maybe how I have my room set-up. I'm also working on a blog post about living here for a month already!

* YouTube Videos: There are several videos that I have been wanting to film but haven't gotten around to it yet. Hopefully this month I can get to those.
* Doctor Who Infinity Scarf: I want to finish this scarf that I started last year. It's been sitting in my crochet bag for a while and I am getting mad at myself that I haven't finished it yet. It's simple!

* Read a Book
* Build my savings: I add $100 to my savings account per paycheck. This one will come off my list once I reach 2K.