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06 June 2016

First Week of College

Hello Dreamers!

So, technically this isn't my first week of college. I've been taking college classes online since 2012 while I was deployed to Afghanistan. I ended up with 24 transferable credits  when I applied to Fayetteville State University. ((it's confusing because they go by FSU.... but that makes me think of Florida State Univ.....)). I am working on my Bachelors of Science in Business Administration focusing on Marketing. This means I am technically a sophomore or something like that, thankfully not a freshman.

Classes started Wednesday morning since it's the first day of June. I am taking two 4 week classes, Critical Thinking and College Algebra. I have class 8-10 every morning for Critical Thinking and then my Math class is broken up into two parts. From 1230-215 pm I have a Algebra Lab, which is basically where we work on our homework and the teacher is there to answer questions if we have any. This part if optional, but I figured that it was in my best interest to attend this because I suck at math. The second part is 230-430 pm, which is the actual lecture, which is where he goes over the course material.

My CT teacher is an interesting man. He's from Ghana so he has a heavy accent, and he makes a lot of lame jokes. He compensates for his accent and possible language barrier by writing a lot of stuff on the board to sharing a power point presentation. There is a lot of laughter in the class, so that is helpful, and I actually really enjoy the class so far. This class is mandatory for my degree, but I am glad that it's my first class. It's pretty easy so far, just a lot of notes and discussions in class. We've had one test, and that was online since we're summer term.

My Algebra teacher is alright. The only time he talks is if you ask him a question. He isn't as personable. He is also kind of hard to understand due to an Asian accent. During the lecture he talks way to fast and is kind of all over the place. It doesn't help that I already don't like Math and will only be taking only the necessary classes. I think I'll do okay, but I am ready for this class to be over already.

The campus is a little confusing, but this may be just because this is my first time on a college campus. Although it isn't a huge school, my classes are spread out (to include both parts of my math class) and the buildings are numbered a little weird. Thankfully someone gave me a map that has the corresponding building number as well as the name, which makes it a little easier. It's kind of weird to be a college student full time, but it isn't that bad.

I am really glad that I started with summer classes, which means smaller classes, which is easier to ease into the college life. My anxiety has been up this week, but I think it's better then if I had started in the Spring or Fall, with larger classes. Large groups of people increase my anxiety, add that to people that I don't know... and it's not a party. So what I guess I am saying, is that this first week has gone pretty well.

Do you have any memories of your first time in college (if you've graduated) or are you going through college like me?

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