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03 November 2015

YouTube: Scrap journal V.1 Flip Through

Hello dear friends!

I just posted a new video up on my YouTube channel. 

This is a walkthrough of Volume 1 of my scrap-journaling. This isn't the best quality, but I kept putting this off and I finally just had to get the video out!

I use a Moleskine notebook that is cut down to fit inside my MJDori. I picked this notebook up in a 3 pack at Target when I was home this past June. My mom and I worked together to cut down the notebook and round out the edges.

This notebook started out as a couple of lists of things that needed to be done while I was home in June for my brothers graduation. It wasn't until I was at Fort Eustis when I stumbled upon Courtney at The Little Ink (she is linked at the end of this blog post).

I print my pictures using my Canon Selphy printer that I ordered off of Amazon. I use Pic Collage on my iPhone to print out multiple small pictures at one time.

I get my washi tape and stickers from various places: Michaels, the PX, and the craft store on my local base, as well as the one on Graf.

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.
Here is a link to the other YouTube channels mentioned:

Courtney at The Little Ink
Ali Brown YouTube
Serena Bee: YouTube

Here is a list of some of the products that I used in this project.
Sweet Stamp Shop: online store
Pretty Sheepy Stickers: Etsy Store

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