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01 February 2016

February Goals

Hello dearest friends!

Today is the beginning of a new month, which brings new goals. Yesterday was my first brunch with my new chapter of Geek Girl brunch, so expect a post on that in the near future. Before I start sharing some goals for February, I wanted to recap my January Goals and the progress that I made.

Craft Goals:
* Create 2016 yearly book: It may not be pretty, but I do have a book for future planning and other goal planning for 2016
* Scrap-journal: IN PROGRESS It has been started. Again, it's not pretty... but it is started.
* Decorate inserts to sell: FAILED Due to everything else that happened this month, I have yet to create any inserts to sell. I did get some stuff written out for these.
* Re-open The Quirky Craftsters on-line craft biz: The Facebook page has been created and everything set up. We've even gotten some likes and I've sent a couple of people there for inquiries. It's at least started.
* Complete month one of One Little Word: This was a little bit easier then I expected. I did some journaling in my January plan book about OLW, and even mentioned it here on the blog.I saved the handouts that Ali shared in the classroom and did the written work in my book. I've done some picture taking and documenting things on social media, but nothing is put together into an actual set mini book. It might just take it's place across my monthly plan books. We'll see.
* Finish December Daily: FAILED I was unable to work on the book this month like I wanted to. Partially due to a lack of motivation, but also because I've been focusing on my blog, home stuff, and trying to get a job. I'll get this book finished eventually! 

* Match YouTube and the blog: FAILED Mostly because I didn't do anything on YouTube this month. See above reasoning.
* Start sponsorship on the blog and apply to be a sponsor on other blogs: IN PROGRESS I wrote out my sponsorship page and sponsored ONE blog this month.... which is more then none. Haha. Kimi was an easy choice to get started with and is a lovely woman. We've corresponded over email this month about various topics and I think she is a great lady! I hope one day to meet her in person!
* Build readership and interaction: IN PROGRESS I think this will always be an in progress goal for me. I joined a couple of specific blogging groups that have helped out. I've started getting more comments on my blog and also some comments on my Facebook page, which makes me super stoked!

* Build stock photo collection on my own: FAILED There was no photography work completed this month. Sadly.
* 5 sessions this month: FAILED See above. :(

Home stuff:
Get apartment: I have an apartment in my name at the moment.
* Stuff from Florida: FAILED I haven't made the trip to Florida this month with everything else going on.
* Decorate: FAILED I have a bunch of stuff to decorate with, but there is a surprise coming later on in February  that will expound on this.

Personal Goals:
* Get a job: IN PROGRESS Waiting to hear back from Starbucks on whether or not I have a job with them
* Finish school application: IN PROGRESS My application is complete and my parents picked up my high school transcripts to mail to me. I've sent things in... now I am just waiting to hear back from the school that I was accepted.
* Start fitness goals: IN PROGRESS The goals are written out so technically this is done.... I think? lol. I didn't have my running shoes to actually do anything. My stuff has arrived though... so we can now begin!

Home Stuff:
* Get Set Up: This is a surprise that can't be shared until the end of the month.
* Stuff from Florida/ Cancel Storage unit

* Paint a canvas for Memphis
* Attend a Wine and Paint
* Finish my Doctor Who Cowl
* Month 2 of One Little Word

* Go to the gym
* Money in savings
* Start paying Mom back: During Christmas my parents gave me some money after my account was shut down. I want to pay my mother back for her help.

I am trying to keep my goal list for the month shorter then the list from January. Hopefully by doing this, I can get more things accomplished and not have so many in progress goals.

Do you have any goals for the upcoming month?


 This is a monthly link up hosted by My So-Called Chaos and A Peek At Karen's World. This is where we share our successes and failures of the past month's goals as well as our goals for the upcoming month.